đŸ’Ē A master components library without ui dependencies

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🔧 Custom

Nu-system is not a ready-to-use component library, we advocate secondary packaging based on business scenarios

❤ī¸ UI Just

Defines the Design Token and the style that implements the logical state interface definition

🌊 Logic Only

Defines a logical state interface that does not implement the corresponding style for that state


Are you tired of modifying UI libraries like Element-ui,, etc.?

Do you wanna have a lightweight, simple, and highly customizable UI component what is for client?

Nu-system is another option we offer you. It advocates the separation of UI and Logic, which are related to each other by the state interface, and can also be used completely independently.

Looking forward to your joining us!

❤ī¸ UI Just

NU-system has no restrictions on the UI language, but currently CSS is easier to implement this concept, so for the time being, CSS is provided.

🌊 Logic Only

NU-system has no restrictions on the logical language, so you can create the Logic Only part using any JS language